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I’m glad you found your way here. Your professional life is about to get less complicated, and a lot more cost effective. How would you like to generate tens of thousands of dollars in increased revenues and savings every year, for as long as you process Humana claims?

Humana has a long-standing relationship with Waystar, a nationally recognized provider of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers just like you. In fact, more than 60,000 healthcare professionals use Waystar every day to collect more revenue more quickly.

Together, Waystar and Humana have developed a unique offering to enable electronic claim submission of Humana’s, as well as other payers’ reimbursements. To best meet your needs, Humana and Waystar have developed three easy to use options. No matter which option you choose, a knowledgeable Waystar representative will contact you shortly to further assist you.

• First, for those providers that are looking for one single solution to manage all of their electronic claims, Humana and Waystar offer a subsidized, highly cost-effective solution which covers virtually every payer in the country. This includes solutions for eligibility verification, claims submission, and electronic remittance advices. Most clients who chose this option are looking to achieve the maximum increase in revenues and reduction in cost.

• Providers looking to achieve maximum efficiency for just their Humana claims may find the Batch Submission of Humana Claims to be their best option. This allows providers to upload a batch file of Humana claims at no cost. Providers can use Waystar’s easy to understand web-based tools to track claims throughout the entire claim process. Clients who choose this option often have medium to high volume of Humana claims, and are seeking an alternative to their current electronic claims submission process.

• Lastly, for providers that are focused on a simple no cost alternative to paper submission, Humana and Waystar offer a direct data entry solution. In this approach, providers use Waystar’s online interface to enter in claims one at time. This solution is best for providers who have a low volume of Humana claims.

To proceed, simply choose one of the two options. You can always make changes to your selection later.

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